Tue, Oct 23, 2018

Q: How MobiGuide can improve my medical condition?

A: MobiGuide collects clinical information available at the time that the system is initiated and integrates it with clinical information gathered by a system of sensors and online clinical data collection.
The data are sent to the MobiGuide system where they are processed by the "expert" system that is able to extrapolate from the appropriate guideline(s) and personalized patient preferences.
For example, the MobiGuide system is able to suggest to the patient if there is the need to increase carbohydrates (glucose) in her diet. Another example is that the system can reccommend that the patient checks her blood pressure again if a blood pressure reading is too high. This may indicate that the patient made a mistake in typing in the blood pressure reading (a data entry error). It is important to distinguish between data entry errors and a genuine case of high blood pressure levels.