Tue, Oct 23, 2018

Q: How MobiGuide can improve my medical condition?

A: MobiGuide collects clinical information available at the time the system is initiated and integrates it with clinical information gathered by a system of sensors and online clinical data collection. The sensors (ECG recorder, blood pressure meter) collect data that are integrated with clinical data on medication actually taken (MobiGuide's support system for the management of complex schemes of therapy). The data are processed by the "expert" system that is able to extrapolate the appropriate guideline(s) and personalized patient preferences. For example, the MobiGuide is able to suggest to the patient if there is the need of  taking specific therapy (“pill in the pocket”) in the event of a new episode of atrial fibrillation detected by the ECG sensor. Another very important function of the system is that of supporting the patient in correctly following the doctor’s prescription relating to use of anticoagulant drugs.