Mon, Nov 19, 2018

Q: What is the purpose of the Mobiguide project?

A: MobiGuide is a European project which develops an innovative telemedicine system to support patietns wihth chrinic diseases including atrial fibrillation. The MobiGuide telemedicine system enables home monitoring of patients with atrial fibrillation, and also provides clinical indications and "guided/knowledge-based suggestions" to both patients and doctors. The knowledge in “knowledge-based” here refers to the latest scientific  evidence about the best medical treatment for atrial fibrillation; this knowledge is found in clinical guidelines. Guidelines are documents developed by panels of scientific experts; a guideline brings together all the best scientific evidence about the most effective treatments in different circumstances.
The concept of "guided suggestions" is very important and represents an innovative aspect of the system. MobiGuide is an intelligent system that continuously checks the medical guidelines and send recommendations based on the integration of the patient’s clinical data with the medical evidence which is  recorded in the guideline. The core of the MobiGuide system consists of "intelligent" software that can identify the recommendations from the medical guidelines which are adapted to the clinical condition of each patient and can present them to the cardiologist, who can choose whether to accept or modify the proposed solutions. Moreover, MobiGuide is able to take into account the preferences of the patient on every occasion in which the choices are not strictly necessary or completely pre-determined by the clinical situation.