Tue, Oct 23, 2018

Q: If I were a patient participating in the pilot, how could the MG system help me adhere to my treatment recommendations?

A: MobiGuide is designed to help you adhere to your treatment recommendation by providing multilevel support:

  • Personalized reminders – The system operationalizes care actions, such as measurements (e.g., blood glucose measurements, blood pressure), medications, diet and exercise by offering personalizable schedule tables. Once you have defined which activities you would like to receive reminders about and at which times (e.g., to measure your fasting blood glucose level 15 minutes before your preferred breakfast time during weekdays; to exercise; or to take your medication), the system will remind you to perform these activities
  • Feedback – the system will provide you with feedback about your health state and your compliance with the recommended treatment.
  • Alerts – the system will alert you in any case there is need. When needed, the system will ask you to contact your care provider. Feedback will also be provided to your care provider.
  • Data storage – the system will collect the measurement results and will provide them to your care provider.
  • Supporting your changing personal context – the system will be able to provide predefined recommendations that are appropriate for your different personal context (e.g., holiday schedule, spouse unavailable to assist).
  • The system is sensitive to the quality of data (QoD) and takes measures to increase safety when the QoD is low (e.g., asks for data re-entry).