Mon, Oct 22, 2018

Q: What is the MobiGuide system?

A:  MG is a patient guidance system that provides guidance ‘everywhere, anytime’. 'Everywhere' means it will give you guidance wherever you are and ‘anytime’ means guidance is not restricted to office hours but provided when you need it. Its ubiquity is achieved by distributing decision support between a backend Decision Support System (DSS) server that has access to the complete patient health record and a mobile DSS (mDSS) that operates on a patient's local system. The patient's local system consists of a Smartphone and a set of wearable monitoring devices that can operate independently, while receiving its knowledge from the central server and its data from the monitoring devices. The knowledge for the central DSS is acquired from evidence-based clinical guidelines that are represented as computer-interpretable guidelines (CIG). Personalization of the CIGs is achieved by considering patient preferences (e.g., preferred meal times allow delivery of reminders before or after meals) and personal context (e.g., holiday context at which exercise schedule is more relaxed). Retrospective data analysis will be used to assess compliance and to indicate care pathways shown to be beneficial for certain patient context.