Mon, Oct 22, 2018

MOBIGUIDE Launch Press Release

The University of Haifa, together with 12 other European partners, has won a substantial contract (over 5M euros) from the European Commission to conduct a medical informatics project called MobiGuide. The project will focus on cardiac patients (patients with atrial fibrillation) and women with complications during pregnancy (high blood pressure and diabetes). However the system developed will be relevant to a whole range of chronic and acute medical conditions.

The 4-year MobiGuide Project is launched at the University of Haifa on 9th November 2011. The project team will research, develop and evaluate a novel Patient Guidance System which will give patients with various medical problems personalized guidance anytime and anywhere and so support them in the day-to-day management of their health condition. Each patient will get guidance and feedback from either a web-based interface or from their own smartphone running an intelligent application which knows about their medical problem and which can continuously receive readings from tiny body-worn sensors. The mobile phone can act intelligently on its own and can also link up to a large server complex which can perform a range of heavy weight computations in the background. The advice and guidance patients will receive will be based on the best scientific knowledge ("evidence-based medicine"). In case of medical emergencies the mobile application will recognize the emergency and send an alarm to the right specialist and to the patient so that the correct help can be speedily given to the patient.

Intelligent computer applications such as this are desperately needed to support the care system, which is increasingly under pressure due to demographic changes (the aging population) and increased prevalence of many chronic diseases. Telemedicine is seen as an important part of the solution to the problem (faced by governments worldwide) of continuing to provide health care services to the population and maintaining or improving quality even though the ratio of the number of health professionals to the number of individuals needing care inevitably falls.

The project brings together universities and industrial and clinical partners from five countries. The Israeli partners are: University of Haifa (Coordinator), Ben-Gurion University and Beacon Tech Ltd. The other MobiGuide partners are: University of Pavia, Italy; University of Twente, The Netherlands; Vienna University of Technology, Austria; MobiHealth BV, The Netherlands; Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri Clinica Del Lavoro e della Riabilitazione, Italy; University Polytechnic of Madrid, Spain; Corporació Sanitaria Parc Tauli, Spain; ATOS Origin, Spain; ZorgGemak BV, The Netherlands; and Catalonia Diabetic Association, Spain.

This top class international team will also a develop, as part of the MobiGuide system, a Personal Health Record (PHR) that integrates electronic hospital records and telemonitoring data. This PHR, which can be accessed any time and from anywhere by patients and authorized care providers, will enable personalized, secure, distributed decision support, always tailored to the patient's current situation. The project will deliver innovations in several areas which are needed to support this advanced intelligence medical application, including mobile and wireless technologies, mobile Clinical Decision Support, context awareness, wireless sensor networks and collaborative distributed systems, all working together to keep patients safe and well whilst allowing them the freedom to be out and about enjoying a normal life with their families.

Project Manager: Professor Mor Peleg, University of Haifa.

VJ 1/11/2011