Mon, Oct 22, 2018

mHealth Grand Tour: cycle for mHealth awareness


"The mHealth Grand Tour is a cycle ride with a difference, Brussels to Barcelona in just 13 days, 2,100km long with more than 22,000 meters of climbs...

Innovation and technology have transformed the lives of patients with diabetes.

Diabetes has grave social and economic implications for individuals and society. It is a huge challenge both in the developed world and in developing countries.Mobile health technologies (mHealth), such as connected blood glucose monitors, can help to improve the management of chronic conditions, such as diabetes, and reduce healthcare costs.hhhh

The mHealth Grand Tour was conceived as a way of bringing together all of the organisations involved in mHealth: pharmaceutical companies, mobile operators, healthcare providers, technology companies,NGOs and governments to share experiences and to raise awareness about the challenges of diabetes and to demonstrate the potential of mHealth as part of the solution.


The mHealth Grand Tour will improve awareness of mHealth to new audiences including diabetic patients and their support networks and demonstrate its value to diabetes healthcare professionals, health regulators and other stakeholders."

The event will run from 5th to 18th September 2013.


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