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MobiGuide in the Brokering Workshop on European Research on ICT

Cepol EU flag1November, 15th 2011, Brussels

The Director of Atos Research and Innovation, Mr. José María Cavanillas, and Atos Research & Innovation's Healthcare Director and member of MobiGuide project Blanca Jordán presented MobiGuide and other healthcare projects at the Brokering Workshop on European Research on ICT – Healthcare November 15th, 2011, in Brussels.


Tallinn CM & Workshop - Sept 2012

Meet MobiGuide in Tallinn- September 2012

MobiGuide team members met in Tallinn in September 2012 for the third MobiGuide Consortium meeting. During three days of intensive meetings the partners progressed the technical research and project deliverables. The meeting also gave the opportunity for the clinicians and patient representatives to work with the technical partners in face-to-face meetings.


As well as making good progress with the theoretical work and technical reports, MobiGuide delivered a working prototype of a (simplified) version of the MobiGuide system, ahead of schedule. Technical manager Tom Broens coordinated the MobiGuide technical partners in the production of this first prototype and, led by Tom, the technical partners unveiled the first prototype in Tallin by giving a demonstration for the partners. The scenario chosen for the demo was a day in the life of a patient diagnosed with atrial fibrillation (AF), one of the MobiGuide clinical cases.

Professor Mar Marcos, a member of the project Advisory Board, attended all the sessions including the demonstration and gave the project the benefit of her expert advice on project progress and and many constructive suggestions on technical issues in her and report and feedback session on the final day.


The MobiGuide meeting was time to follow the joint workshop in Tallinn: 5th Process Support for Healthcare (ProHealth'12) / 4th International Workshop on Knowledge Representation for Health Care (KRH4C'12) so that project members could attend the workshop to present the MobiGuide research as well as participating in the MobiGuide consortium meeting.

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CARDDS meets MobiGuide

niels peek 100x153

Niels Peek of Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam visited the University of Twente (UT) on 29 march, 2012, hosted by the MobiGuide team at UT, the Telemedicine Group.

Niels has supervised the CARDSS project on electronic decision support and quality improvement in cardiac rehabilitation since 2003.


2nd Consortium Meeting in Madrid

The second consortium meeting was hosted by MobiGuide partner Atos SA in Madrid.

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Kick Off Meeting in University of Haifa

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The MobiGuide project team met for the kick-off meeting on November 9-10, 2011, at the premises of the lead partner Haifa University, in Haifa, Israel.

The project manager Mor Peleg chaired the two day meeting. 


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