Mon, Nov 19, 2018

MobiGuide project presents at top medical Artificial Intelligence conference

Two papers on MobiGuide were presented at AIME this year. AIME (Artificial Intelligence in Medicine) was held at university of Pavia from 17-20 June.


The papers were:

Combining Decision Support System-Generated Recommendations with Interactive Guideline Visualization for Better Informed Decisions by Lucia Sacchi, Enea Parimbelli, Silvia Panzarasa, Natalia Viani, Elena Rizzo, Carlo Napolitano, Roxana Ioana Budasu and Silvana Quaglini


Collaborative Filtering for Estimating Health Related Utilities in Decision Support Systems by Enea Parimbelli, Silvana Quaglini, Riccardo Bellazzi and John H. Holmes

They will be available on the MobiGuide website very soon!

MobiGuide project also held a special session on the AIME workshop day when a further six MobiGuide papers were presented as well as a MobiGuide system demonstration by Professor Mor Peleg.

Read more about this year’s AIME conference at