Sun, Jul 22, 2018

Kick Off Meeting in University of Haifa

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The MobiGuide project team met for the kick-off meeting on November 9-10, 2011, at the premises of the lead partner Haifa University, in Haifa, Israel.

The project manager Mor Peleg chaired the two day meeting. 

All project partners introduced themselves and each Work Package manager presented their plans for their Work Package before the team moved on to technical work.

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A member of the MobiGuide Advisory Board, Samson Tu of Stanford University, attended the meeting.

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Samson explained the role of the Advisory Board. He also offered advice to the project and commented on risks to be aware of, eg. problems in integrating system components and privacy and security issues; he commented also on the strengths of the project, namely that MobiGuide has a superb team, is building on existing systems and is tackling important, hard, and rich problems.

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The MobiGuide Team at the Haifa meeting