Mon, Oct 22, 2018

Twente Twente Vision: MobiGuide in the Netherlands

Twente Twente Vision: MobiGuide in the Netherlands


University of Twente, Enschede, NL.

MobiGuide met in May for the 6th consortium meeting, hosted by the University of Twente in The Netherlands. Over three days of meetings research work and technical development was progressed with a focus on preparation for the pre-pilot and pilot.

 image2MobiGuide team at work

The first morning was devoted to a demonstration of the new version of the MobiGuide system. The demo was led by Dr Tom Broens and Dr Daniel Knoppel of MobiHealth BV and involved all the development partners. Progress since the last meeting was made in the infrastructure components, domain-specific components and knowledge-dependent components.


Tom Broens, Daniel Knoppel and Mor Peleg

The caregiver and patient GUIs were demonstrated as well as the initial retrieval of patient data from the PHR before the computerized guideline (the CIG) begins to execute. When the CIG is executing (the operational phase) the demo showed how the patient can enter their data manually (e.g,. into the logbook) or automatically from sensors and how the system responds when certain clinical events or patterns are detected and also how the system detects and handles low quality data.

image4Nick Fung of the University of Twente

 To aid understandability to patients, feedback is presented graphically by means of a vizualisation tool.

image5  image6  image7

Screenshots of the GUI developed by UPM for the Gestational Diabetes application

Àngels Pallàs of the patient organization Associació de Diabètics de Catalunya reported on work in Spain introducing patients to the system via a “Virtual Tour” smartphone app showing the Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) application. She presented results of a small patient survey which showed favourable attitudes overall towards the system (most responders found the system interesting and thought it would help them with decisions making) and which provided some detailed suggestions for improvements. More patients will be reached via focus groups in the coming months.

Other meetings covered specific work packages and how to address the comments of the reviewers at the annual review in Brussels. A major part of the agenda was concerned with working with the clinicians, Dr Mercedes Rigla and Dr Carlo Napolitano, on detailed validation of the CIGs for Gestational Diabetes and Atrial Fibrillation.

Present at the meeting was MobiGuide Advisory Board member Professor Frank van Harmelen, professor of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning at the Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam. Professor van Harmelen gave feedback and advice to the project team.

image8 Professor Frank van Harmelen gives feedback to the project

 At the working dinner in Enschede the host Professor Hermie Hermens, Professor of Neuromuscular control and Telemedicine at the University of Twente, gave a speech entitled "Mobiguide: a timely step forward?" reflecting on current issues in healthcare and how MobiGuide helps to addresses these issues. 

image9 Professor Hermie Hermens: "MobiGuide: a timely step forward?"

Project coordinator Professor Mor Peleg also gave a speech: "Mobiguide by Numbers" reviewing the project to date. The astonishing countdown of MobiGuide includes: 13 partners, 12 work packages, 11 project deliverables in Year 3, 10 journal and conference papers so far, 9 hours per day and 8 daily telcos on this project alone, 7 new babies born to project team members, 6 consortium meetings, 5 countries involved, 4 Task Forces and 4 Work Areas, 3 development iterations of the MobiGuide system, 2 marriages, but finally, 1 team.

image10Professor Mor Peleg: "MobiGuide by Numbers"

Mor Peleg sums up progress: "The guideline knowledge base is shaping up quickly and getting ready for the pre-pilot. Everything is possible with such a great team!"

Sadly, this is the last consortium meeting for Dr. Tom Broens of MobiHealth BV, who is taking up a new post as an Assistant Professor at the Amsterdam Medical Centre. Thanks Tom for your great contribution to the project and we wish you every success in your new position!

image11Dr Tom Broens joins Amsterdam Medical Centre