Mon, Nov 19, 2018

CARDDS meets MobiGuide

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Niels Peek of Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam visited the University of Twente (UT) on 29 march, 2012, hosted by the MobiGuide team at UT, the Telemedicine Group.

Niels has supervised the CARDSS project on electronic decision support and quality improvement in cardiac rehabilitation since 2003.

Niels gave a seminar Guideline-Based Decision Support Systems for Prevention and Management of Chronic Diseases to members of two research institutes of the UT, MIRA and CTIT, in which he presented an overview of guideline-based decision support systems for prevention and management of chronic diseases. The running example was the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease. After a review of the literature on guideline implementation strategies and decision support systems he discussed the CARDSS project, an example in the field of cardiac rehabilitation. The talk concluded with an outlook to current and future developments, including eHealth systems that are targeted at care consumers rather than care professionals.

Later the Telemedicine Group held a research workshop with Niels on Clinical Decision Support Systems within the context of the MobiGuide and CARDSS projects. Members of Roessingh Research and Development and MobiGuide partners the Telemedicine Group, UT, and MobiHealth BV were present at the seminar and the research workshop.

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Nick Fung (UT) presents his work on CDS in the MobiGuide project

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Members of Roessingh Research and Development as well as MobiGuide partners the Telemedicine Group, UT, and MobiHealth BV, were present at the research workshop with Niels Peek of AMC

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Nekane Larburu (UT) presents her work on the QoD broker in the MobiGuide project