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My experience in the MOBIGUIDE PROJECT



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                                      Àngels Pallàs


My name is Mª Àngels Pallàs and I was born in Barcelona. I studied business and worked as an accountant for several years until I realized that finance was not my interest. I was always giving people advice with their health problems, so I went back to college to learn Dietetics and Nutrition. I worked as a consultant and as a teacher at the Universitat Ramon Llull.


Since then, my work has been very pleasant and I enjoyed it a lot. Now I’m working in the Associació de Diabètics de Catalunya helping to build a bridge between patients and new technology. adc pif image3


ADC – Associació de Diabètics de Catalunya

ADC is a non-profit patient organization that takes care of people with Diabetes; every day we face new challenges and struggle to find solutions.


adc pif image4 ADC undertakes activities to promote well being, provide diabetes awareness, education and counselling to people with diabetes.


Also, ADC helps to develop policy and advocates in the interests of all people affected by diabetes, promotes raising community awareness of the disease and supports research into improved management and treatment for the patients, such as the MobiGuide project. adc pif image5



One of the goals of MobiGuide is to help people manage their disease, with the aim of achieving good results and improving patient satisfaction.

ADC’s role in MobiGuide is to give new insights into, and contribute towards fulfilling, patient needs, and to give the patient’s point of view so as to help the technical partners to target the MobiGuide technology to the real needs of the patients.

We participate by helping to formulate the conditions needed and by clarifying the patient’s personal context and how it can impact healthcare decisions, and the modes of interaction between the MobiGuide patient and the system.

ADC will also provide feedback on the demos and the exploitation opportunities.



When I joined the project, in February 2012, MobiGuide was difficult for me to understand, because everybody was talking computer language. As the project progressed, all members invited me to participate in all the sections of the project, even when it was not planned from the beginning, and helped me to understand new concepts and the uses of the technologies. They accept my point of view and want to integrate it into the project, and they ask me for more ideas.

My impression of people working in the MobiGuide Project is that they are clever and nice people who want to try to take care of the problems faced by patients and who wish to help them to have better health and better quality of life.

Àngels Pallàs on behalf of the MobiGuide Project, 27 June 2013