Dij, Sep 20, 2018

A Successful First Year Review for the MobiGuide Project

"I'm delighted with the results of the first year review. We are all energized to keep up the good work in year 2" stated project coordinator Professor Mor Peleg after a successful review.

Over the last months the MobiGuide team were very busy finalising all the first year project deliverables and preparing for the annual project review at the European Commission in Brussels.

Following the European Commission's practice, top experts covering the different fields relevant to MobiGuide were appointed to evaluate the first year of the project.

Between them, the expert panel of five cover the areas of clinical practice, electronic medical records, mobile health care applications, computer science, computer interpretable guidelines and formal methods, and patient advocacy.

The experts had the formidable task of preparing for the review by reading the 2000 plus pages of MobiGuide reports produced by the project team in the first year.

Then at the two day review meeting in Brussels in January 2013 the experts and EC officials heard detailed presentations by all Work Package and Task leaders and by the project coordinator Professor Mor Peleg.



Project coordinator Mor Peleg presenting in Brussels


Project members at work


Professor Silvana Quaglini presenting the use of the system


Professor Silvana Quaglini presented as the partners ran a distributed demonstration on their laptops. The colored cardboard stickers show the different roles such as Patient Health Record, Body Area Network and Caregiver.



Project participants demonstrating the different user roles


The presenters were kept to a strict time schedule


The team responsible for technical development gave a demonstration of an early prototype system. The picture shown here was taken when the prototype was first demonstrated in Tallinn under the leadership of Dr. Tom Broens.



Tom Broens leading the first MobiGuide system demo ("Hello Tallinn") in Tallinn


The "Hello Tallinn" demonstration shows components of the MobiGuide system working together as the MobiGuide Patient Guidance system. The components were developed by different MobiGuide partners in different countries.

The scenario used in the demo shows a day in the life of a patient who has been diagnosed with a heart condition known as Atrial Fibrillation (AF).

Smurfs are used to illustrate characters in the scenario. 



Presentation introducing the demo. Smurfs feature representing "users" of the system


Project members watching the demo


Part of the Atrial Fibrillation scenario


At the end of the intense two-day meeting, we celebrated with chocolate smurfs


The chocolate smurfs were kindly provided by the coordinator


Food for thought!

The reviewers recently released their report giving a successful verdict for Year 1 of the Project. All project deliverables were delivered on time and were accepted by the reviewers and the European Commission. In a 25-page technical review report the reviewers gave detailed remarks and feedback, concluding that all deliverables were delivered on time and of good quality:

Overall, the project has provided results of good quality for each targeted objectives, including :

  • enhancing patient engagement and improving health outcomes
  • semantic integration of patient health data into PHR
  • interoperability with portable medical devices in non-clinically controlled environment
  • knowledge-based DSS taking into account patient preferences and specificities
  • intelligent data analysis and feedback loop to improve clinical guidelines.

The reviewers made many helpful suggestions for the future which the project team are now putting into action.


Thank you to all MobiGuide participants for your hard work over the first year of the project, and congratulations on success in the first year!


All photographs depict MobiGuide project members. The reviewers and EC officials are not shown in this article.